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in North Rhine-Westphalia
(Nordrhein-Westfalen)/ Germany
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"Hundeschule Lechtenfeld"

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second poto
Edith Lechtenfeld
Weiherstr. 86
D-51373 Leverkusen
North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
(+ 49) (0) 2 14 - 4 00 12 15
(+ 49) (0) 2 14 - 4 04 98 52
Learn to understand and educated dogs - review of our offer:

first puppy training:

This course is for all dogs up to 5 months of age. The puppy and joung dog time is a very important phase. Nevermore your dog learns so fast and effective like at this age. You can never completely make up for the things, you miss to teach him now.
Aim of the course is to give the puppy an orientation in their and our world. Contents of learning:

* playing with other dogs
* learning of do´s and don´t in the dog´s world
* familiarization of accustic and optical impulses
* increase of the owner-dog-reationship
* learning of first commands by means of their food and play
* we train on several different places, e.g. forest, city, railway
...station, etc.

starter course for all dogs from 5 months on:

Approx. with the age of 5 months, the young dog phase starts - not later than now you should start to train your dog.
Sometimes this is not possible, when the dog has moved to your home much later - but anyway you are right here.

In the starter course your dog learns:

* obedience on leash, even with detraction of joggers, bikers,
...riders, cars, other dogs, games animals
* walking on leash without pulling (of course without electric
* "sit-down", "lay-down", "stay" on leash
* "come"
* "lay-down and stay there" on leash

advanced course:

This is a course to prepare for the dog behavior test or the like.

* obedience without leash, even with detraction
* "heel" without leash
* "sit-down", lay-down", "stay" without leash
* "sit-down", lay-down", "stay" after movement and at range
* "lay-down and stay there" without leash
* "come" with detraction

other offers:

Besides the normal training we are specializing in dogs with big and small problems: e.g. fearfulness towards people, animals or environment, aggression because of fear or dominance, fear of beeing alone...

We have got much experience with dogs from national and international animal shelters. These dogs often have got special problems that have to be cared for in specific ways.

Even in training with difficult dogs we don´t use electric collars etc.

We offer as well:

* training of the dog owner in dog husbandry appropriate to the
* First-Aid-workshops (by arrangement)
* hinking with dogs (by arrangement)

our training place:

Because dogs interlink place of training and training, the training is not on a fixed place. That means, we train on different places like field, forest, city etc.
Due to this your dog learns to obey everywhere and a well-trained dog always attracts attention in a positive way.

Dogs from dog shelters get a 10 % reduction on our prices.

We look forward to your phone call.
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