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in North Rhine-Westphalia
(Nordrhein-Westfalen) / Germany
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"Verein fuer Dt. Schaeferhunde SV - OG Neuss"

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Verein fuer Deutsche Schaeferhunde SV - OG Neuss
Dunantstrasse 38
D-41468 Neuss
North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
(+ 49) (0) 21 31 - 12 09 76
Dog training is not magic!

* puppy school:
Our education starts with the puppy school. Here the little ones till approx. 5 months of age learn in a playful way social behavior, their first commands and the familiarisation with everyday impulses. The build-up of a relationship between dog and owner will be raised, too.

* starter course:
From 5 months on it really starts! In the starter course the owner learns to train his dog obedience. The learning of "heel" in all tempos on leash, and "sit-down", "lay-down", "here" and "come" when other dogs are around, too.

* advanced course:
In our advanced course the lections of the starter course are trained whithout leash. This course is a preparation for the companion dog test (Begleithundepruefung) or the VDH-"dog license". Now the dog learns outside how to react towards bikers, joggers, riders, cars etc. - that means road safety will be trained. Also the dog will learn to "sit-down", "lay-down" and "stay" without leash and while walking, as well as to "lay-down and stay there" for a longer time. All exercises will be trained with various detractions.

* agility:
Our group offers agility, too, the sport of "6 legs". With competent guidance of our team, the dogs and owners have got much fun to face up to new demands and manage them.

* additional offers:
Our club offers the education of difficult dogs with great of less fear, like fear of everyday-life environment, agression because of fear or dominance.
Additional offers like First-Aid for the dog or agility-workshops will take place at regular intervals in our club house or on our training ground.

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