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We offer you 365 days, 24 h per day, a presentation on the Internet - your presentation can be seen worldwide!

Each months thousends of visitors visit our web sites www.zuechtervermittlung.de and www.breederindex.com and can turn their attention on your offer!

We translate your presentations into German and publish it on our German web site www.zuechtervermittlung.de, too - extra presentation for no extra costs!*

We configure your presentation on your requests.

You can publish news and photos of your offer.

Even if you have your own web site: a presentation is profitable: Interested people like to use our web sites www.breederindex.com and www.zuechtervermittlung.de, because they can find "alternative pet medicine" - offers near by much faster through our service - they need not to search the Internet for a long time.

And the best thing is: our yearly fee amounts a fraction of the fees of a one-time magazine announcement!

category what you get fee per year
alternative pet medicine
(holistics, healers,
nonmedical practitioner)
your address, email, free text, link to your own web sites, and 2 photos

Your presentation will also be presented on our German web site www.zuechtervermittlung.de - therefore we´ll translate it into German.*

If you care for dogs and/or cats, too, your presentation will be published on our dog- and cat-site, too - of course, no extra costs!
20 euros
"homepage" at
1 (or more) extra-page(s) - designed uniquely on your requests, photos, your free text , address etc.

If you don´t have your own web sites yet, use this service to get your own web sites!

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The registration in this category is binding for 1 year and extend itself automatically for a new year, if the contract is not cancelled 1 month before the expiry of the maturity (in written form).

* For this service it´s necessary to have an English description of your offer, which we can translate into German, otherwise we won´t translate your text and leave it in its original language.